Woman’s Attempt to Beautify Limited Edition PlayStation Ends in Ruin for Husband

Pregnant Wife’s Well-Intentioned Gesture Turns Costly: Ruining Her Husband’s Limited-Edition PlayStation

Isabella Veronica Hardy, a burgeoning TikTok personality, has found herself in the spotlight for an unfortunate mishap. In an attempt to do something thoughtful for her husband, she decided to enhance the appearance of his PlayStation 4 (PS4), which she considered “ugly,” to better match their room’s aesthetic. Little did she know that her actions would lead to the unintentional destruction of a rare and valuable console.

 Woman's Attempt to Beautify Limited Edition PlayStation Ends in Ruin for Husband
Woman’s Attempt to Beautify Limited Edition PlayStation Ends in Ruin for Husband

Isabella, who goes by the handle “Isabella Veronica Hardy” on TikTok, shared her journey of wrapping her husband’s PS4 in a white cover, aiming to seamlessly blend it with the room’s decor. She confessed that the distinctive blue appearance of the console had long bothered her, prompting her well-intentioned makeover attempt.

However, what Isabella didn’t realize was that her husband’s PS4 was a limited-edition collectible, featuring the Uncharted 4 design. The TikToker’s efforts, including a painstaking cleaning process and meticulous wrapping, resulted in the console’s complete transformation.

Isabella posted the TikTok video documenting her project on her channel, oblivious to the storm of gamer backlash that was about to follow.

Comments on the video were swift and unforgiving, with users pointing out her costly mistake. Some remarked with crying emojis, “You wrapped a limited edition PS4.” Others cautioned that there were easily removable click-on wraps available, making her endeavor unnecessary and potentially detrimental to the console’s value. Many were curious about her husband’s reaction to the new look, speculating that it might not have been favorable.

Remarkably, Isabella chose not to respond to comments about the console’s condition. Instead, she posted a follow-up video, suggesting that her husband had left her. In this subsequent clip, she humorously installed a car seat for their upcoming baby, playfully insinuating that her husband wanted nothing to do with her following the PS4 incident. However, they appeared to be together in subsequent clips posted on her channel.

It’s worth noting that used Uncharted 4 PS4 consoles can still command a substantial price on platforms like eBay, fetching hundreds of dollars, despite being surpassed in performance by the PlayStation 5. Some users have suggested that Isabella consider upgrading to the newer system, ensuring that both she and her husband are content with their gaming experience.

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